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Why Can't I Maintain a Goddamn Schedule on the Road FML

Any of you who travel for work probably know the woes of attempting to maintain a schedule away from home.

For some gosh darned reason as soon as I leave Calgary my brain just... forgets all the normal things I do in a day?

My daily plans include: Wake up around 6am, take the dog for an hour walk. Work on online content. Make sure all my ads are active and correct. Get in some time at the hotel gym (if there is one). Be a functioning human being. Eat a vegetable.

My day ends up being: Wake up at ??? Find breakfast, forget to order a vegetable. Drink 10 coffees. Caffeine induced panic/anxiety for a couple hours. Take a bath. Forget to check my OnlyFans until midnight or maybe the following day. Forget gyms exist entirely. Did I drink water?? Drink too much water before bed to make up for it, stay up all night peeing.

Repeat for x days/weeks until home! Yay!

I absolutely love touring, I love life as a touring provider. Being on the road, travelling, exploring... it really is my happy place. But my god if only I could stick to a plan/schedule!

If any of my lovely readers have any tips that have worked for them while on the road I am all ears.

Of course it's extremely hard when you're spending upwards of 13 hours in a car some days... but that also makes the non-travel days all the more important for fitting in things like exercise and vegetables!

This is obviously made worse by the fact that touring appointments can be at more erratic times. If I'm home in Calgary, it's very rare that I will have a 7am appointment and an 11pm on the same day. When touring, these randomly spaced out bookings are fairly regular. And my big dumb brain chooses naps over productivity in between.

I wish I could say that it's simple laziness, but truthfully I just... forget? I legitimately forget to even check if the hotel has a gym. I forget to check my online content. I forget that I haven't ordered food including greenery for a day.

I am so darn frustrated with myself when I realize I haven't done any of the things I meant to. I should probably look at getting that ADHD diagnosis... 🤔

So I wanted to do a little rant about this very annoying occurrence. I am just finishing up a short 9 day tour with a friend, and we both realized yesterday that we have failed to maintain the schedule we set out for ourselves. So I'm sitting here in my hotel room in cold, windy, wintery Saskatchewan trying to at least maintain my bi-monthly blogging promise while simultaneously beating myself up for forgetfulness... it ain't much, but it's honest work.

Anyway, rant over for today! Thanks for being my awesome little group of people, and I really would appreciate tips that have worked for you.

So please stay safe, have fun, and always tip your whores! Bye!


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