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Fake Bookings

Firstly, yeah yeah I know I'm a week overdue for writing a new blog post! But better late then never, right?

I thought it might be useful to a lot of clients today to learn about the sheer volume of fake bookings and no shows providers have to deal with.

A large amount of clients don't seem to understand how much of an issue this is for us, and why so many legitimate providers these days require a deposit to book. They truly don't know what we are dealing with on the other end, and seem to think we are "scamming" people out of deposits as a means of income. (Sir I promise you, people are not sending us 5-10 deposits a day. C'mon.)

I am not going to deny that there are a great deal of scammers out there, but that is an entirely different topic so I will save the in-depth analysis of scammers for another post. (Or for my new podcast coming out with my friend, Jaina!) A legitimate provider is not likely going to risk her entire brand and reputation over scamming a couple people here and there for a tenth of her normal income.

So instead I'm just going to give a very basic overview from the provider perspective.

As I'm sure some of you know, I previously did not require a deposit or reference to book an appointment. And to be completely honest, I was incredibly nervous about implementing these as policy because I was worried my income would dramatically decrease (it didn't). However, about 2 years ago myself and my other friends in the industry received a sudden spike in fake appointments. And when I say a spike I mean a dramatic one.

Fake appointments were always an issue in the industry (and still are), but they went from being around 30-40% of bookings to over 75%. I cannot imagine that many of you reading this would be happy if 75% of the time you just... didn't make any money. Keep in mind (for those of you who do not seem to grasp this) that when someone books a fake appointment, it means they are taking up our time. We completely lost out on not only the money they promised, but on potentially booking a real, legitimate client as well. For those of us who are not extremely high volume providers playing a numbers game, this is devastating to our income.


Let's delve a little into why I believe people make fake bookings. In my opinion (which is generally the same as that of my friends in the industry), there are a few different types of fake bookers:

  1. Other providers.

  2. It's just their fetish.

  3. Too nervous to follow through.

  4. DGAF

  5. Fishing for information.

I believe the vast majority fall into the 1st (70%) and 5th (10%) categories, while the other 3 are roughly equal in making up the remainder. The 1st category (other providers) will NEVER send a reference or a deposit.

  • When another provider is making fake appointments to book up her competition, she thinks that she will somehow reap the benefits of this. That perhaps since her competition is unavailable, she will get all the legitimate clients for herself! It can also be used as a tactic to try and chase a new girl out of town... if she is getting a ton of fake appointments, maybe she will think twice about working there again. It's an extremely petty (and ineffective) thing to do, but unfortunately very common. Trust me girls... booking up another provider will not make you any busier. Sorry!

Categories 2 - 4 are very similar to each other. All 3 of these may still send a deposit or provide references in some cases.

  • The fetish guys just get off on the idea of seeing a provider. They make the booking, jerk off a bunch leading up to it, and then either cancel last minute or just no show. They never had any intention of following through.

  • The nervous guys are self explanatory... they usually just panic and ghost. Sometimes they will cancel last minute but usually they just disappear into thin air.

  • The DGAF guys might show for one appointment with you, and then ghost the next girl. They truly just give 0 fucks and will show based on their whims, but make the appointment regardless.

Category 5 is often meshed with category 1, but I wanted to separate it a little.

  • Fishing for information people freak me out the most. They might even: send a small deposit / provide a reference / offer some (probably fake) screening in order to gain your trust. They want to know your exact location and incall information, and will ghost after receiving it. I shouldn't have to explain why this is unnerving. These can sometimes be pimps, or other providers.


Now, since I have moved on to require a deposit or reference my fake appointment rate has dropped DRAMATICALLY. I went from 75% to maybe 5-10% overall. Obviously that is higher in certain cities and at certain times of year, so I'm averaging it out!

I still know ladies in the industry who do not require this who are dealing with the same 75% no show rate as I was previously, so it wasn't a sudden spike that levelled out. It's a recurring issue that dramatically increases in the slow months (thus lending credence to our belief that it is primarily other providers doing this).

People don't seem to realize that even a single faking booking can cause a lady to lose her entire income for the day. Providers often don't see more than a single client per day in their home city (touring is usually busier). Personally, I'm quite happy to only see a single client per day! I am content being a low volume provider. However, when that single appointment time is being booked up, that means I have lost my entire income.

Even when someone sends a deposit and disappears it's an issue. I have kept my deposit amount very low for a long time, but due to an uptick in the amount of clients ghosting after sending a deposit I will be raising it in a couple weeks. The people who think we should be grateful for a $50 payment when we were expecting $500 just shows how out of touch the average client can be with the reality of sex work. I didn't receive $50 for "nothing", I lost $450. I didn't have a backlog of potential appointments waiting by the door to fill the time of the no show... I'm just out my income for that time slot. Maybe for the whole day, or longer.

On top of that, a 1 hour appointment (for myself) also involves 1-2 hours of getting ready beforehand and 1-2 hours afterwards. If I'm at my permanent incall I have to arrive 2 hours ahead to make sure the laundry is done, the place is clean and sanitized, I am showered, shaved, hair washed, ready... and then afterwards, another hour minimum to do another load of laundry, sanitize everything, shower again, and clean up. (2 hours if I need to wait for the laundry to dry after). If I'm touring it's still a minimum of 1 hour beforehand and 1 hour afterwards for prepping, cleaning, sanitizing. Your 1 hour incall appointment is 3 to 5 hours of my time.

Yes, there are a lot of high volume providers out there who see MANY more clients in a day than I do. They will book people back to back and give less than a single fuck about sanitizing everything in between, so having a no show is much less impactful to them. They are likely not screening, so it's easy for them to fill the time with someone else. They might even book multiple people for the same time and just take whoever shows up first, as a precaution against the high no show rate. If over half of your appointments aren't going to show up then why not book 2 at once?

This is not how I run my business. It's not who I am. I would like to think that my clients appreciate this about me, so I hope that this explains why a no show can be so detrimental. If I wasn't privileged enough to work like this I can imagine I would be much less fulfilled in this career, and even grow to resent it. I might be a snarky lil' twat sometimes to the douchebags and asshats who harass me via text, but I do actually love this profession (outside of dealing with said asshats).

And as I'm not the only provider who prefers a very low volume, high connection lifestyle this issue impacts more than just myself! Hence the dramatic increase in reputable ladies requiring deposits recently.

Well, I think that's enough from me for today! I hope you found this slightly informative and maybe even a little... sexy. Better book a fake appointment with a lady and jerk off about it for the next 2 days! ................ Please don't do that I'm begging you. Except the jerking off part... you should do that a lot! For your health...and... uhh... science.

And as usual have fun, stay safe, and always tip your whores!


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