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Here I Go Again

Well. It has officially been almost 2 months since my last post... you know, directly after I had promised to maintain a bi-weekly posting schedule?

Unfortunately I had a massive family emergency and have been dealing with all the life stuff that comes with such a thing for the last 2 months.

I took nearly a full month off work before finally starting up again about 3 weeks ago. It has been a hectic, crazy, mentally exhausting time for me! So thank you very much for all your patience, love, and understanding as I get back into the swing of things. I had to cancel 2 tours (11+ cities!) and reach out to refund a lot of deposits. I pride myself on being the kind of provider who *actually* shows up in the places I advertise for... so this was not something I took lightly. I have only ever once before cancelled a tour date (that I can recall at least). So I was truly beyond grateful that almost all my prebookings allowed me to keep their deposits with not even a second thought... it helped me a bit through a very hard time!

Now I'm finally back on the horse and just today posted multiple upcoming tours. I will be getting back to all the cities I cancelled except for 2! I hope the weather is warm and I get some colour on my pale ass, while I chill at poolsides.

I still very much want to explore Austin, but sadly I couldn't fit it into the schedule this time. I've heard wonderful things so hopefully in the near future I will be able to check it out!

Other North American cities on the "explore in the near future" list are: Mexico City, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Boston, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Portland, and Juneau. I think once I've been to those I will have checked off every major NA city, which is pretty neat!

Another part of this whole family crisis, my rate structure changed and I almost immediately changed it back. I had so much international travel planned that I increased my touring rates to accommodate it... and promptly had to cancel all my travel plans. (Goodbye Thailand in April, Monaco/France in May, Australia in June/July! What we could have been together...)

Once I get back to a reasonable life balance I will be looking at the possibilities of more international touring again. I expect updates regarding this to come sometime in June!

I do love touring in Canada and the US, don't get me wrong. I have amazing friends and regulars all over both countries that I really enjoy getting to see as often as I do... which is probably why I return to the same cities so often. But there are so many more places out there I want to see (or revisit)! I really want to do a Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne + Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch tour. If you don't think that sounds like fun, you might be dead inside.

Not to mention the fact that I've never been to the UK, and am dying to see why so many people have told me London is my vibe. Gosh... how am I supposed to fit it all into one life?

I need a sexy, jetsetting boyfriend to just travel the world with... making love in every country. Now that would be the perfect life.

Anyway, my tacos have arrived and my update is concluded!

As usual... have fun, stay safe, and always tip your companions.


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