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Obligatory Introduction

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Hello and welcome!

I plan on using this blog mostly as a collection of information on how to be a better client, dating tips, and other things I believe *men could find useful in the internet age.

*As a straight woman my wording will be primarily towards cis men as clients/partners, and from the perspective of a straight cis woman. So I apologize if my gendering words tend to swing in that direction.

I'm sure I'll intersperse it with thoughts unrelated to the above, my personal opinions on life and how to live it, being a woman and a sex worker in today's society, etc etc etc.

As sex workers we are being paid, to varying degrees, to fulfill someone else's fantasies. Problems can arise very easily in this situation when those fantasies become uncomfortable for us, and this can happen more often than you (as clients) realize. Your fantasy is your fantasy, and as such it can put you in a state of mind beyond logic. It can be very hard to distance your sex worker from your chosen fantasy, and realize that she(they/he) is a person wholly unto herself with her own desires and feelings. She may not share your specific fantasy even though you are paying her to fulfill it.

Consent is unfortunately not a word that often comes into people's mind when they think of sex work, so asking her to consent to any aspect of your fantasy might even feel alien to you. I will be discussing consent in its various forms a lot on here!

On top of being a sex worker I am also, *gasp*, a human! I have normal relationships outside of my work life! Shocking, I know... but guess what??? Your other favourite sex workers from around the world? Also human beings with whole lives outside of their job! Wild concept, right?

Dating as a sex worker is an entire thing, trust me. My dating advice will primarily be just regular, old dating advice and not only from the perspective of dating a sex worker. The amount of men I have matched with or went on dates with who have shot themselves directly in the foot when I would have otherwise been interested is astounding. Dating is an exhausting minefield without adding my chosen profession to it.

So there you have it! Obligatory introduction post complete.

Have fun, stay safe, and tip your whores.


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