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Don't Do This One Simple Thing

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

He does this one simple trick, adult content creators hate him! Read more to find out why!


So, you just found a new SP online. She looks amazing, seems super fun, and... what's this? She has an OnlyFans? Well, obviously you're going to sub to that immediately to check it out... let's see, what sort of content does she produce...


She makes porn!! Male/female porn, with penises?! You have one of those! Jackpot!!! You should *definitely* send her a text asking if she wants to make porn with you, right? After all, you have a penis... why wouldn't she??

Alright, text soliciting her for something she is not advertising for sent! What could possibly go wrong?

Aaaaaaaaaaaand you're blacklisted.


I have tweeted about this before, but twitter can be a mess and specific tweets easily end up buried. Since this is a recurring issue, I decided to make an entire post dedicated to it.

***** Don't read any further if you don't want to ruin the mystique of how porn works. *****

Look, I'm going to go ahead and burst all your collective bubbles here... she doesn't want to film porn with you, random stranger she doesn't even know. Unless she is specifically posting a casting call and has it clearly written somewhere that she is on the hunt for new filming partners, do NOT text her asking if she wants to make content with you.

ESPECIALLY do not reach out pretending to be interested in booking an appointment when you only want to film content. You are wasting her time and potentially costing her money by making fake appointments. (Yes, this is the same as making a fake appointment. You are faking a booking in order to get something she does not provide, it's beyond disrespectful.)


Most of us who make this sort of content have *specific filming partners* that we work with. We do *NOT* film with every single random who solicits us. (can you imagine?? lol)

"But lots of girls film with clients, I've seen plenty of them!"

Sorry, but that's completely against the OnlyFans terms of service (and the TOS on almost any website that hosts porn).

Every single person appearing in a pornographic video must have signed a written release form and provided photographs of their valid ID as well as them holding that ID and release form by their face. Yes, every single person.

Anyone who posts content of people without that is at risk of being completely deplatformed. Banned for life due to that being, you know... highly illegal. Posting someone engaging in adult behaviour online without their EXPRESS, WRITTEN, DOCUMENTED, CONSENT is not allowed by any legitimate website.

The only other option (on OnlyFans specifically) is if both parties have a verified creator account, because then you can simply tag each other in the content you are posting. Anyone with a creator account has already went through the process of proving their identity and age, and if content they were tagged in was dislikable to them they could report it and have it removed.

And that's just the backend problems with making porn with randoms, that doesn't even include any personal preferences on her end.

As far as personal preferences go, let's lead with mine:

I use specific filming partners who have successfully passed an interview process after a casting call. Unless I am collaborating with someone (not common), I *only* film with east Asian men. That is because I love Asian men and I feel like they are completely underrepresented in the porn industry as a whole, so I only want to make content with them. I want to help show the world that Chinese guys are sexy as fuck and Korean guys can be hung like a horse, the same as anyone else (just random examples).

When I am looking for partners I will post a casting call, with the specific parameters I am searching for. (East asian, nice penis, fit body, etc etc.)

Then there are pre-interviews... interviews.... softcore filming attempts... All sorts of steps go into finding a partner who is what I'm looking for AND can perform on camera before anything is actually filmed and released.

Also, guess what? Most people cannot perform on camera. There are a dozen different things happening at once, and keeping things like lighting + angle + volume + camera position in mind while maintaining an erection is not simple.

I do understand that for a lot of men the idea of making porn is an ultimate fantasy... it's the dream, you and your penis out there for the world to see! But the reality of filming porn is that MOST men simply cannot do it. They cannot perform under pressure and their beautiful erections disappear the moment the camera turns on. Or they end up blocking the shot altogether because they got caught up in the moment and forgot the camera was even there.

I apologize if this has been the needle that popped your porn fantasy balloon, but if it prevents even a single guy from soliciting SPs in the aforementioned way I consider that a win.

If you really want to make some porn, go get verified on OnlyFans and start looking for people who are actively searching for filming partners. Make sure you fit their specified parameters (if they have any) and reach out! At least that way you are putting yourself out there AND being respectful while doing so!

If you only want to make porn with a specific SP (whom you know creates this kind of content) rather than just anyone, be respectful of her time and energy. Book her for an actual appointment, pay her, and perhaps talk about it in person (NOT via text before meeting, ). Ask her how she chooses her filming partners and whether she's open to new partners, what she would be looking for in them, etc etc. This way you are already giving her a good impression of you as someone who respects and values her time, and not someone who is hoping for a free session/extra services.

Alright, end rant for today! I hope you found this informative.

Thanks for reading and remember to have fun, be safe, and always tip your whores!


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