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Basic Client Etiquette: Hotels

Hey there! Hello!

It's me, your friendly neighbourhood ho back again to give you some (very basic) advice.

This time I will focus on a few things specifically for when your chosen provider is offering incalls in a hotel, as there are aspects we have to think/worry about in this situation that are a little different to an airbnb or permanent incall.



Please for the love of all that is good, do NOT use any extra towels other than the one your provider has offered you! Even grabbing a washcloth to wipe your junk off with afterwards is mortifying to a lot of us, as in a hotel we have to deal with a VERY limited amount of towels and no way to clean them for re-use. We might be there for a few days or even a week, and have to ration our towels between all our incall appointments. Even if I bring some of my own from home, not all hotels offer guest laundry and most charge a ridiculous amount to use it. We can maybe ask for some extra towels at check in, but not many due to the potential suspicion it may cause.

Not all hotels offer daily housekeeping services anymore either, besides the fact that if they are replacing all your towels daily they might find it strange. Sure, some people do this once in a while and you can argue that the hotel won't care, but you forget that it is our name and information associated with that room. We are trying our best to be as discreet as possible, especially because most of us like to stay in the same hotels when we return to cities. (Once we determine that they are safe and in a good location.)


Hey! You! Dude about to accidentally rub your naked junk up against the countertop! Just........ stop.

Yes, this happens a LOT. Yes, we notice every single time and are very frustrated when it does.

Just... be cognizant of your junk? Be aware at all times of what your naked penis is touching, especially right after we have finished/before you shower. Don't let it touch any otherwise sanitary surfaces... sure, hard surfaces are easy to clean afterwards but I have also seen this happen with hand towels and other soft surfaces.

Truth be told, we don't even want your fluids touching the bed. We want them safely contained to an easily disposed of/sanitized location. I understand you may not want to think about this but you are not the only client we will be seeing in that room. Would you want to touch any surfaces knowing someone else's penis was rubbing all over them? Didn't think so.


Same as above, if you have touched your penis at any time without a cover on it we do not want you touching anything else afterwards! Especially not our HAIR or FACE. In fact, we would very much appreciate it if you do not touch our hair or face at all.

Our face probably has make up on it that we do not want to smudge or have to wash off.

Our hair is even worse, you do not realize how damaging it is to wash your hair multiple times a day, or how long it takes to dry/style afterwards. Trust me, we HATE it when you reach out to touch our hair. (Some providers may not care as they are not as worried about sanitization as others, they don't mind leaving their hair unwashed between appointments regardless of what touched it. I am speaking for those of us who are trying our best to be as clean and sanitary as possible.)


Onto a topic other than cleanliness, your arrival for your appointment. Each provider will have a different comfort level, some of us will want to meet you downstairs and walk you in. Others will be fine providing a room number once we are ready. Just be aware that arriving more than 10 minutes early will be frustrating for us, as we very much do not like the idea of someone sitting outside waiting/looking for us. It can be a very uncomfortable concept. Try to arrive no earlier than that, and let us know when you are outside. We will then provide you with the room number if we are ready for you to come up. I am shocked I have to say this... but do not, under any circumstances, approach the front desk. You will want to look like you belong there when you enter. Walk with confidence, and perhaps ask your provider ahead of time where the elevators are located so you know immediately which way to turn.

If you arrive early be aware that your provider may not respond to your text until the time of your appointment anyway, as that is when she is expecting you to arrive and has planned to be ready for. She may still be showering/getting ready and not checking her phone. Do not panic and start calling/sending multiple messages.


As an internationally touring provider, I do often (usually) stay in hotels when travelling. They offer points and other rewards I will not get by staying in airbnbs, as well as more security/safety. So I wanted to provide a little information to help you be the best possible client you can to ladies like me!

Have fun, stay safe, and remember to always tip your whores.


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